Find Hash rate of your Graphics card

Hash rates are expressed taking terms that are comfortable to anyone who knows computer data storage lingo. Terms like mega, giga, and tera are what’s most commonly used lately when describing hash percentage rates. Starting at the bottom, a hash rate connected hashes per second demonstrates that the device will have the ability to compute and make guesses per second in a test to solve a neighborhood.

One step up could be the kilohash (KH/s), then megahash (MH/s), then gigahash(GH/s), and after that tera(TH/s), then peta(PH/s). Here is a handy chart that will explains how these hash rates are calculated. In compare what is my hash rate to one of which may be designed to mine, to gain example, Ethereum, you can notice a very excellent apparent difference in hash rates. This is classes many different algorithms which cryptocurrencies use.

They all require distinct amounts of memory and / or computing power in series to be mined. To place it simply, bitcoin with its SHA algorithm is assumed by today standards regarding relatively easy to figure out. As a result, a mining device that stays relevant today would need to have produce hashes in some terahash range and way up. If we were to compare this to Ethereum, youll find that most up-to-date Ethereum mining devices (typically GPUs) operate in specific megahash range.

At first glance, you may realise that the bitcoin exploration device is significantly more roborst or more productive. Though it is true its true that it makes more hashes (of the main SHA variety), this is they bitcoin hashes are in order to produce computationally. As some consequence, the network a tough time is significantly higher meant for bitcoin.